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Prevent Trojan Source attacks with GCC 12

January 12, 2022

Find out how GCC 12 detects Trojan Source attacks, a new software vulnerability that uses reversed Unicode text to hide malicious code.


The GDB developer’s GNU Debugger tutorial, Part 2: All about debuginfo

January 10, 2022

Get the what, when, where, and how of debugging information, including what it is, where it's stored, and how to inspect it in your C and C++ programs.

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What's new in Libabigail 2.0

January 6, 2022

Find out what's new in Libabigail 2.0, including updates to the symbol table reader component, ABIXML format, and moving to the Apache 2 license.


DevNation Winter Camp

December 17, 2021

DevNation Winter Camp

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Runtime profiling in OpenJDK's HotSpot JVM

November 18, 2021

Learn how OpenJDK's HotSpot JVM and Just-in-Time compiler collect and evaluate profile data at runtime to produce more optimal code.

RHEL 9 Beta Release Feature Image

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Beta is here

November 3, 2021

RHEL 9 Beta features GCC 11, glibc 2.34, updated compilers, enhanced application streams, Python 3.9, and more. Plus, it's built from CentOS Stream!

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A compiler option, a hidden visibility, and a weak symbol walk into a bar

October 27, 2021

When the LLVM package build with the Clang compiler's link-time optimization activated failed, the LLVM packaging team knew they had a mystery to solve.