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How to contribute to LLVM

Nikita Popov

Interested in contributing to the open source LLVM project? This article walks you through the process.

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How I developed a faster Ruby interpreter

Vladimir Makarov

Learn about 8 optimization techniques for a faster interpreter in Ruby which I developed using a dynamically specialized internal representation (IR).


How to categorize C programs by behavior

Martin Sebor

Could your perfectly running program blow up someday? Learn different types of behavior in the standard and what helps make a correct C or C++ program.

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Red Hat OpenShift Connectors

Pre-built integrations for quick and scalable connectivity from data, services, and systems to Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka.

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GCC's new fortification level: The gains and costs

Siddhesh Poyarekar

Discover the gains and costs of GCC’s enhanced runtime buffer overflow protection. Level 3 _FORTIFY_SOURCE preprocessor macro may detect more buffer overflows, but there’s a cost.

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New C++ features in GCC 12

Marek Polacek

Version 12 of GCC implements much of the recent C++ standard, allows a number of previously prohibited constructs, and fixes some problematic behaviors.

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Prevent Trojan Source attacks with GCC 12

David Malcolm

Discover how Red Hat protects GCC 12 code from Trojan Source attacks. Learn how we defend our customers against this recent software vulnerability.

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What's new in Libabigail 2.0

Dodji Seketeli

Find out what's new in Libabigail 2.0, including updates to the symbol table reader component, ABIXML format, and moving to the Apache 2 license.

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Runtime profiling in OpenJDK's HotSpot JVM

Roland Westrelin

Discover how runtime profiling in OpenJDK's HotSpot JVM improves speculation and contributes to optimization in this Red Hat guide with illustrated benefits.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 Beta is here

Don Pinto

RHEL 9 Beta features GCC 11, glibc 2.34, updated compilers, enhanced application streams, Python 3.9, and more. Plus, it's built from CentOS Stream!