Edge computing: Centralizing services into data centers

Edge computing is computing that takes place near the physical location of either the user or the source of the data. By placing computing services closer to these locations, users benefit from faster, more reliable services and companies benefit from the flexibility of hybrid cloud computing. Edge computing also allows the compute-intensive parts of a rendering pipeline to be offloaded to the cloud, preventing lags in computing power.

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Street Signs for the Red Hat Summit

Red Hat Summit: Clouds today, serverless tomorrow

Doug Tidwell

Senior Director Stephanos Bacon discussed the changing developer landscape and the factors that influence it. As cloud computing becomes ubiquitous and serverless continues to grow, more changes are in store.


Deallocate an Azure VM Using the Azure CLI on RHEL

Takayoshi Tanaka

If you're running Red Hat Enterprise Linux server on Microsoft Azure, you may want to shut down and deallocate the VM using commands inside of the VM itself for automation or just for convenience. This article shows how a VM can shut itself down and deallocate its resources using the Azure CLI 2.0.

10 steps cloud happiness

10 Steps to Cloud happiness - Introduction

Eric D. Schabell

No matter how many steps there are, it's always a journey and this story is no exception. It seems like a long trek, but in just 10 steps, you can find your cloud happiness. There are always ups and downs in any journey as you traverse the path you've chosen. This is no truer for a walk to the top of a ridgeline as much as for your digital journey into the cloud. As an application developer, or as an...


Auto Scaling

Abdul Azeez Idris Abdul Azeez Idris

The Concept of Auto Scaling and Scaling SAFSMS (SAF School Management Software) In 2008, I have heard about Cloud Computing and AWS. But frankly, the more I wanted to understand what cloud computing is the more I got confused. I have stumbled upon a number of marketing videos using the hype of Cloud Computing to even confuse me more. Two years later, we have launched the web version of our result compiler software that will enable parents to access their...

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