Data Science

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Implement AI-driven edge to core data pipelines

Bruno Meseguer

The Edge to Core Pipeline Pattern automates a continuous cycle for releasing and deploying new AI/ML models using Red Hat build of Apache Camel and more.

AI Lab

AI Lab Recipes

Sally O'Malley +1

The AI Lab Recipes repository offers recipes for building and running containerized AI and LLM applications to help developers move quickly from prototype to production.

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Perform inference using Intel OpenVINO Model Server on OpenShift

Audrey Reznik +2

In this article, you will learn how to perform inference on JPEG images using the gRPC API in OpenVINO Model Server in OpenShift. Model servers play an important role in smoothly bringing models from development to production. Models are served via network endpoints which expose an APIs to run predictions.

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Open Source Data Pipelines for Intelligent Applications

Kyle Bader +4

Open Source Data Pipelines for Intelligent Applications provides data engineers and scientists insight into how Kubernetes provides a platform for building data platforms that increase an organization’s data agility. 

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Extracting dependencies from Python packages

Fridolin Pokorny

Discover how to resolve Python dependencies by extracting metadata and dependency information, and how Project Thoth helps to streamline the process.

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More machine learning with OpenShift Data Science

Audrey Reznik

Solve the typical data science problems of accessing Amazon S3 data and creating a TensorFlow model by following two new OpenShift Data Science learning paths.

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Red Hat Developer roundup: Best of November 2021

Red Hat Developer Editorial Team

Red Hat Developer shares its readers' top picks of articles posted in November 2021, including two Linux updates. See the full recap at the end of this article.

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Access more data from your Jupyter notebook

Karl Eklund

Pull data without duplicating it into a Jupyter notebook using Starburst Galaxy, a fully managed data platform built on Red Hat OpenShift Data Science.

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Building machine learning models in the cloud

Audrey Reznik

Get hands-on resources for building machine learning models using Red Hat OpenShift Data Science. Learn how to use NLP, Jupyter notebooks, and more.