JBoss Heroes is a selected group of community members who are passionate advocate of JBoss technologies under a program sponsored by Red Hat. JBoss Heroes use a variety of JBoss technologies and actively share their deep technical expertise about it in the community, within their company and their customers or partners. This could be done in forums, blogs, screencasts, tweets, conferences, social media, whitepapers, articles, books, and other means.

Who is a JBoss Hero?

JBoss Heroes areas of contributions include, but not limited to:

  • Senior developers, architects, consultants, academia who are using and promoting JBoss technologies
  • Blogs and webinars
  • Publish articles on jboss.org, InfoQ, DZone, etc.
  • Engaging in JBoss conversations in social media
  • Talks at conferences and local JUGs/JBUGs
  • Implemented real-world projects using JBoss technologies
  • Actively answering questions in JBoss forums/StackOverflow
  • Authored a book on JBoss topic
  • Lead a JBoss User Group
  • Mentoring other community members and grooming heroes
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Not a government employee
  • Not a Red Hat employee

Want to become a JBoss Hero?

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Make sure your jboss.org profile is current and has all the relevant details. Include any references that will highlight your value to the JBoss community.

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