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Core Java

Core Java

Core Java is the basic form of Java used to design application software for desktop and server environments.

Eclipse Adoptium

Red Hat is a founding strategic member of the Adoptium Working Group and the second-largest contributor to OpenJDK.

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Red Hat is a contributor to Cryostat, a tool for managing JDK Flight Recorder (JFR) data on Kubernetes.

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Traditional java

Traditional Java

Red Hat leads and contributes to many widely used Java projects, specifications, frameworks, and libraries.

Jakarta EE

Red Hat is one of the founding members of the Jakarta EE working group and helped orchestrate the transition to the Eclipse Foundation to evolve the platform to meet the needs of modern workloads.



Red Hat developed and maintains the Hibernate framework for mapping an object-oriented domain model to a relational database.



Red Hat developed and maintains the open source WildFly (JBoss EAP) app server project supported on various platforms.


Spring Boot

Red Hat offers support and maintenance cycles for major versions of Spring Boot, including support for Spring applications on OpenShift.


Kubernetes-native Java

Kubernetes-native Java

Kubernetes-native Java frameworks let you easily integrate Kubernetes technologies so you can adapt to cloud-native environments and scale faster. Red Hat has been a crucial contributor to Java for the past 25+ years and continues to lead by being a driving force for the future to cloud-native and beyond.


Quarkus is a full-stack, Kubernetes-native Java framework made for Java virtual machines (JVMs) and native compilation. Quarkus is designed to work with popular Java standards, frameworks, and libraries including Eclipse MicroProfile and Spring, Apache Kafka, and more.


Red Hat is a founding member of the MicroProfile community project, an open forum dedicated to optimizing Enterprise Java for a microservices architecture and enabling application portability across runtimes.


GraalVM is a JVM and Java Development Kit (JDK) based on HotSpot/OpenJDK that improves application performance and efficiency. Red Hat's contributions to the GraalVM community include Mandrel, a downstream distribution that supports native image compilation and Open JDK.

Java tooling

Red Hat is committed to providing Java developers with the tools they need to build applications faster and more efficiently.

Quarkus tools for integrated development environments

Quarkus tools for integrated development environments (IDEs)

Language support for Java

Language support for Java


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