DevOps pipelines with Kubernetes

Cloud developers can take advantage of increased speed, decreased risk, and improved collaboration with Kubernetes and DevOps.

DevOps with OpenShift Book

Free book: DevOps with OpenShift

Experts explain how to configure Docker application containers and the Kubernetes cluster manager with OpenShift’s developer- and operational-centric tools. Discover how this infrastructure-agnostic container management platform can help companies navigate the murky area where infrastructure-as-code ends and application automation begins.

The book covers the following topics:

  • Why automation is important
  • Patterns and practical examples for managing continuous deployments such as rolling, A/B, blue-green, and canary
  • Implementing continuous integration pipelines with OpenShift’s CI/CD capability
  • Mechanisms for separating and managing configuration from static runtime software
  • Customizing OpenShift’s source-to-image capability
  • Considerations when working with OpenShift-based application workloads
  • Self-contained local versions of the OpenShift environment on your computer

Free book

What is DevOps?

DevOps is a set of tools and techniques for combining the development and deployment of software. DevOps uses source code management systems and automated testing software to simplify the development process, while automated build and deployment tools streamline the work of the operations team. In a sophisticated DevOps environment, the division of labor between people who write software and people who deploy software to production systems is largely artificial. As DevOps continues to mature, the line between development and operations departments will become more blurred.

DevOps - Tear down that wall

Podcast: DevOps - Tear down that wall

Red Hat's Command Line Heroes podcast series covered DevOps in Season 1, Episode 4.

What is DevOps, really? Developer guests, including Scott Hanselman from Microsoft and Cindy Sridharan of Apple, think about DevOps as a practice from their side of the wall, while members from various operations teams explain what they've been working to defend.

Differences remain, but with DevOps, teams are working better than ever. Learn more in this episode of Command Line Heroes.


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New DevOps articles

Plumbing Kubernetes CI/CD with Tekton

Plumbing Kubernetes CI/CD with Tekton

November 12, 2019

Our first DevNation Live regional event was held in Bengaluru, India in July. This free technology event focused on open source innovations, with sessions presented by elite Red Hat technologists. In this session, Kamesh Sampath introduces Tekton, which is the Kubernetes-native way of defining and running CI/CD. Sampath explores the characteristics of Tekton—cloud-native, decoupled, and […]

Using Red Hat OpenShift image streams with Kubernetes deployments

Using Red Hat OpenShift image streams with Kubernetes deployments

September 20, 2019

This article demonstrates an application update scenario which leverages Red Hat OpenShift image streams together with standard Kubernetes native resources. It also shows how image streams automatically redeploy application pods after an update to their container image. Best of all, Kubernetes resources enhanced with OpenShift image streams are still compatible with standard Kubernetes clusters. This […]

Easy-to-use tools are key to CI/CD success says 2019 State of DevOps Report

Easy-to-use tools are key to CI/CD success says 2019 State of DevOps Report

September 18, 2019

The most effective strategies for scaling DevOps and fostering productivity include easy-to-use tools and solutions that create community, according to the 2019 Accelerate State of DevOps Report. This year’s report, written by Dr. Nicole Forsgren, Dr. Dustin Smith, Jez Humble, and Jessie Frazelle, represents six years of research and data from more than 31,000 professionals […]

Install Red Hat 3scale and configure tenants with 7 simple commands

Install Red Hat 3scale and configure tenants with 7 simple commands

September 9, 2019

A couple weeks ago I was faced with the challenge of installing Red Hat 3scale and configuring its tenants using solely the command line — no GUI allowed. This is a rather interesting use case, so I decided to write this article and show how to do it with just seven commands! (By the way, […]

A developer's journey through DevOps

A developer's journey through DevOps

September 4, 2019

What does one developer's evolutionary journey have to do with Gene Kim and his book The Phoenix Project? Gene Kim is the DevOps king, founder of the DevOps Enterprise Summit, and world-famous author. Burr Sutter is a developer advocate at Red Hat, founder of the DevNexus Developer Conference, and has authored some tweets. It must be the awesome goatee they have in common! "Twinsies with facial hair." We have to have developers and operators working hand-in-hand.

How DevOps is like auto racing

How DevOps is like auto racing

August 22, 2019

When I talk about desired outcomes or answer a question about where to get started with any part of a DevOps initiative, I like to mention NASCAR or Formula 1 racing. Crew chiefs for these race teams have a goal: finish in the best place possible with the resources available while overcoming the adversity thrown […]

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Developers and operators must work hand-in-hand; Burr walks us through the process and highlights automation, CI and CD deployment, containers, and microservices.


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