Big Data: Understanding the variety, volume, and velocity behind data

Gather the data you collect into real-time information you can use to optimize your workflow and secure your environment.

Big Data resources

Vert.x in action

Upcoming Book: Vert.x in Action (MEAP)

Julien Ponge

Julien Ponge's upcoming book, Vert.x in Action: Asynchronous and Reactive Applications in Java, is now available from the Manning early-access program (MEAP). Read the article for the exclusive Red Hat Developer discount code.

Business Process Management

Reducing data inconsistencies with Red Hat Process Automation Manager

Donato Marrazzo

Managing data reconciliation is necessary for Digital Process Automation (Business Process Management). This article shows how Red Hat Process Automation Manager can be used to address such a requirement in a structured and clean way.

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