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Welcome to our monthly recap of the articles we published in February 2022! This month Red Hat Developer has brought you articles about many platforms that developers use in their everyday lives. You can learn how to write Kubernetes in Java with the Java Operator SDK or create a data stream with Amazon Kinesis, AWS's stream management service. But it wasn't all practical tips; one of this month's most-read articles looked at progress in the MIR project, which aims to create a universal, lightweight Just-in-Time (JIT) compiler. Read on for more February highlights.

Note: See the end of this article for the full lineup of articles published in February 2022.

Go further with Quarkus

Entire books are available on Quarkus, microservices, MicroProfile, Spring, and Kubernetes—but they each tend to focus on one specific topic. Kubernetes Native Microservices with Quarkus and MicroProfile, a new e-book from John Clingan and Ken Finnigan, will show you how to combine these technologies into an effective and integrated development and deployment stack.

Meanwhile, if you just want to get a deeper diver into Quarkus, you'll want to check out Stephen Nimmo's series on building REST APIs with Quarkus, now updated to discuss changes in Quarkus 2.0. Stephen also walks you through a very specific Quarkus use case in Build a FIX engine using Quickfix/J and Quarkus.

Keep secrets and keep moving with Git

Many open source projects keep code and other documents in shared Git repositories—and that can lead to security problems if you're not careful. In our most popular article of the month, Tomer Figenblat explains how you can use clean and smudge commands to keep your secrets safe with Git.

Meanwhile, GitOps is becoming more and more important to many agile shops, and Regina Scott walks you through the process of using the latest versions of the Red Hat OpenShift console in a GitOps environment.

Deploying JBoss EAP in the modern enterprise

Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform is a venerable Java application server with flexibility for the modern age. Popular articles in February taught you how to automate and deploy a JBoss EAP cluster with Ansible and take it to the cloud by deploying JBoss EAP with RHEL using the Azure Marketplace offering.

Dive deep into Linux

Have you ever wondered who monitors the quality of important and widely used open source projects like Linux? One of the proud and the few is Red Hat's Jeff Bastian, who explains what he does as part of his job as a kernel quality engineer.

Meanwhile, Eelco Chaudron gets into the weeds of datacenter management, offering insights into the cost of Open vSwitch upcalls in Linux.

February 2022 on Red Hat Developer

Here's the full lineup of articles published on Red Hat Developer so far this month:

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