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DevNation Deep Dives

1-hour LIVE events that take a deep dive into the fundamentals of developer technology. Each course comes with live code and commands, and live chat Q&A with verbal responses from the presenters. 


Metrics and traces correlation in Kiali

Joel Takvorian

We explore the new correlation features in Kiali, which let you visually correlate traces and metrics over spans of time.


Video: Introduction to Istio service mesh

Kamesh Sampath

Kamesh Sampath provides an overview of Envoy and Istio, two open source projects that will change the way you write cloud-native Java applications on Kubernetes. We’ll show how to download and set up Istio on your local laptop, then deploy Java microservices as part of the Istio service mesh with Istio sidecar proxy.

istio for microservices ebook

Introducing Istio Service Mesh for Microservices

Burr Sutter and Christian Posta

Red Hatter’s Burr Sutter and Christian Posta introduce you to several key microservices capabilities that Istio provides on Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.

Devoxx Ukraine

Devoxx Ukraine

Rafael Benevides

Devoxx Ukraine

Graph view showing issues in the mesh

Observe what your Istio microservices mesh is doing with Kiali

Heiko Rupp

The Kiali project provides observability of a service mesh and the services in the mesh. This post describes how to use Kiali to observe what the microservices in your Istio service mesh are doing, validate the Istio configuration, and see any issues.

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Red Hat Summit: Containers, Microservices, and Serverless Computing

Doug Tidwell

You're in an IT department. How does the rest of the organization see you? As a valuable asset whose code and APIs make a difference in the marketplace, or as a necessary evil that should be trimmed wherever possible? Containers, microservices, and serverless computing can get you where you need to go.


Getting Started with Istio and Jaeger on Your Laptop

Siamak Sadeghianfar

About a year ago Red Hat announced its participation as a launch partner of the Istio project. We are now introducing the istiooc command-line tool and a set of pre-built Istio and Jaeger example scenarios that would make it even easier to get started with these technologies.


Istio Service Mesh Blog Series Recap

Don Schenck

The past nine weeks of blog posts have introduced, explained, and demonstrated some of the many features of the Istio service mesh when combined it is with Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes. This, the final post in this series, is a recap.