Red Hat Developer Program Benefits


    The Red Hat Developer Program was introduced to provide a complete experience which enables enterprise developers to envision, create and maintain high-value enterprise software. The program provides great developer tools and content via our website, allowing you to download and use our enterprise products for development purposes through a free membership.  This enables you to develop, prototype, test, and demo your software on the same enterprise products that can be trusted to run the most demanding of enterprise production environments.

    To become a Red Hat Developer Program member you simply need to register by providing some basic information and agreeing to the terms and conditions of the program. Here is what you get with program membership:

    Red Hat Products

    As a program member, you are granted free developer subscriptions which allows you to download Red Hat enterprise products for development use.

    Here are the products we offer through the Red Hat Developer Program today:


    Red Hat Knowledgebase Content

    The website has always focused on providing developers the right developer resources and content that can get you up an running quickly. Red Hat has a very large repository of knowledgebase articles and solutions across all products, which are posted on the Customer Portal. As a program member, you can search for developer knowledgebase content on the site. With over 2,000 pieces of content, you can quickly find the answers and solutions you need to your development questions.

    Reference Material

    As a member there are various materials available to you on development topics. We often publish cheat sheets, videos, and ebooks to help members to the information they need when developing with Red Hat products - whether it be a quick reference cheat sheet or an in depth book on Microservices.

    Content Contributor Program

    You don’t have to be a professional writer to participate. You can contribute what you have done, seen or tried. Blogs, tutorials, demos, videos, podcasts, stories, and conference experiences all provide value to the community. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just authentic.

    By contributing content you can build your personal brand, extend your reach to a global audience, and earn rewards. For more details, visit our Content Contributor Program page.

    Red Hat Developers Newsletter

    This monthly newsletter supplies you with the must-see items from the prior month - from announcements and popular blog articles, to upcoming developer events to find Red Hatters.   Subscribe to the newsletter so you can keep abreast of important trending topics.

    To sum it up. Here’s another way to see what you get as a Red Hat Developer Program member:

    What you get as a Red Hat Developer Program member
    Features Guest Program Member
    Developer content (blogs, Get Started, docs, a lot more) Yes Yes
    View Red Hat Developer Program forums Yes Yes
    View Red Hat tagged Stack Overflow questions Yes Yes
    No-cost product subscriptions for development use - Yes
    Developer knowledgebase articles and solutions - Yes
    Post and reply to developer forums - Yes
    Members-only content (books, cheat sheet, videos, etc.) - Yes

    We want to provide a great developer experience when you’re looking for answers and solutions in the shortest time possible, using the platforms you prefer. If you have any feedback on how we can better assist you, please email us at: