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Red Hat Container Development Kit provides a pre-built Container Development Environment based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux to help you develop container-based applications quickly. The containers you build can be easily deployed on any Red Hat container host or platform, including: Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host, and our platform-as-a-service solution, OpenShift Container Platform 3.

Run and develop on OpenShift Container Platform 3 locally

Container Development Kit configures a pre-built, single-node OpenShift cluster locally, so you can try the latest version of OpenShift Container Platform, which is built on Linux containers and Kubernetes. To help you get started building applications, a number of OpenShift templates are included. You can access the OpenShift Web console from your browser or work from the CLI using the oc command to deploy container applications. OpenShift is pre-configured with a local Docker registry available and a local version of Kubernetes running, so you can test the full experience in a self-contained environment.

Get started with containers locally on macOS, Microsoft Windows, or GNU/Linux

To save you from having to assemble a container development environment from scratch, Container Development Kit delivers the latest container tools in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 virtual machine that you can use on your macOS, Microsoft Windows, or Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 system. In addition, you have your choice of virtualization platforms (xhyve, Hyper-V, Linux KVM/libvirt, and VirtualBox hypervisors are all supported). All of the VM configuration details on your system are handled for you by Minishift, an open-source tool that helps you run OpenShift Container Platform locally.

Exclusive for Red Hat Developer Program community members

Developers can now get Red Hat Container Development Kit via the no-cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux® Developer Subscription. This subscription includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server (all currently supported releases), additional development tools, and numerous add-ons such as resilient storage, scalable file systems, and high-performance networking.

Something for all levels of container experience

The Container Development Kit is for you whether you are trying Linux containers for the first time or want to develop microservices. If you are just getting started, follow the Hello World instructions. If you are ready to try scaling out and orchestrating multi-container deployments, the CDK installs a local version of OpenShift Container Platform 3.


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