Red Hat Decision Manager

A cloud-native approach to building business rules and decision services

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Agile rule development with Decision Manager

Red Hat Decision Manager is a fast, lightweight, cloud-native business rules and decision management platform. The platform enables developers and other personas to develop rules and decision-driven applications, services, and systems in an agile way. Decision Manager also provides a versatile set of decision capabilities, including a rules engine based on the PHREAK algorithm (an evolution of the well-known Rete algorithm), DMN v1.3 compliance, support for intelligent decisions that use PMML, and a complex event processing engine.

The Decision Manager approach to building decision services

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Kogito-based decision applications

Learn how to use the brand new authoring and execution capabilities of Decision Manager based on Kogito. You'll create supersonic, subatomic rules and decision services based on Quarkus, and you'll experience increased efficiency through Kogito code-generation and Quarkus hot-reload features. 

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Drools-based rules engine

Leveraging the power of Drools, the highly popular and de-facto open source rules engine, Decision Manager delivers an enterprise-class, high performant, and scalable rules execution engine. The PHREAK reasoning algorithm provides a runtime that easily scales to hundreds of thousands of rules in a single rules execution environment.

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Decision Model and Notation (DMN)

DMN is a relatively new standard managed by the Object Management Group (OMG), the organization behind BPMN. Decision Manager is the first open-source DMN v1.3 runtime that supports the full FEEL Compliance Level 3 of the DMN specification. DMN simplifies the process model by removing the rules and decisions from the process and creating the optimal outcome.

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Business Optimizer

Business Optimizer (aka OptaPlanner) provides an easy-to-use framework to build solvers in plain old Java that find optimized solutions to these problems. Building solvers puts the power of AI in the hands of Java developers. Packed with ready-to-use templates and reference applications, Decision Manager provides a platform to automate almost every type of planning problem.

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Agile development

Decision Manager provides tools that target all users. The VSCode plugin allows developers to author decisions using the DMN specification and to test it using an intuitive test scenario simulation tool. Since the service is built on top of technologies like Git and Maven, it enables developers to easily integrate Decision Manager with existing CI/CD technologies and methodologies built on Tekton PipelinesJenkins, SonarQube, and OpenShift

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Cloud-native development focuses on the creation of lightweight, stateless, microservices, providing powerful APIs deployed in container environments using development practices based on DevOps and Continuous Delivery engineering methodologies. Decision Manager is the first business rules and decision management platform that fully fits into the cloud-native paradigm. 

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