Red Hat OpenShift Cloud Functions

Bringing serverless capabilities to Red Hat OpenShift


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Developers need access to services faster, deploying backend services, platforms or applications can be time-consuming and tedious. This also means developers should not be restricted to any certain language or framework but also to create business value quickly and enhance services by way of FaaS i.e. Function as a Service that can scale a small unit of custom code while depending on other third-party/backend services.

Red Hat Openshift Cloud Functions (OCF) is a FaaS - Function as a Service that can be deployed on Openshift and is based out of Knative a FaaS project in the Kubernetes community. It will enable developers to run code without needing to know anything about the underlying platform specifics.

Serverless is an architectural model that provides an event-driven way to implement distributed applications that can auto-scale on demand. Because the execution of these applications (functions) is driven by events, overall resource consumption can be reduced which can result in cost savings.  Red Hat’s vision is to create an integrated portfolio of Red Hat Middleware products, acting both as event sources for functions and the destination of service calls from functions.

OpenShift can run on any cloud, and your serverless infrastructure can, too. With OpenShift Cloud Functions, you can now have function portability across any cloud, whether public or private.


Serverless and Servicefull Applications - Where Microservices complements Serverless

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How can I get started?

Openshift Cloud functions is at the moment an upstream effort, and you can run it on minishift in order to try it out. More instructions can be found here