Red Hat 3scale API Management

Share, secure, control, and analyze your APIs.

What is Red Hat 3scale API Management?

Red Hat 3scale API Management makes it easy to manage your APIs for internal or external users. Share, secure, distribute, control, and monetize your APIs on an infrastructure platform built with performance, customer control, and future growth in mind.

3scale components can be deployed on-premise, in the cloud, as a managed service, or on any combination required.

One of the key differences of the 3scale API management solution is the unique hybrid-cloud architecture. This is achieved by a logical separation of concerns into two main elements: the API management policy execution (traffic managers a.k.a., API gateway) with the API management policy configuration (API manager). Both of these elements communicate with each other in an asynchronous fashion, which leverages the caching on the API gateway.

3scale API setup advantages

  • Even if the API management policy configuration element is not available, the whole API program is still fully functional.
  • API calls do not have to be routed through the 3scale manager infrastructure, thus increasing performance with little latency.
  • The API call flow and the customer's data never leaves the customer’s premise.
  • API providers get a rich API admin portal, including performance dashboards and developer-facing portals for exposing and documenting APIs.
  • Customers receive access to all the 3scale features via APIs as well as with the 3scale Tool Box to help automate API and account configurations.

3scale API Management features

Developer focused

Developer focused

A custom developer portal and interactive API documentation to provide guidance to get started consuming APIs.



Rapidly add new consumers or new APIs for your existing consumers.

lower operational costs

Lower operational costs

The management platform provides automated signup and billing to reduce operational overheads.

Reduced packaging and deployment complexity

Reduced packaging and deployment complexity

Independently scalable managed and hosted deployment options for API managers and gateways.

Flexible scalablity

Flexible scalability

Add new gateways and scale up horizontally with your load.

Faster time to market

Faster time to market

Significantly cut time to market. No more complicated build-and-deploy process to roll out new features.

3scale on github image

Contribute to the 3scale repository

3scale developers (including community contributors) add new features, fix bugs, and update code in many different repositories in the 3scale community. The 3scale organization in GitHub contains the repositories for different components of 3scale.

Upstream projects

Main contributors to the 3scale product


An NGINX-based API gateway, with Lua policies controlling APIcast behavior for each of the NGINX phases. You can write your own policies. Ships with its own DNS resolver implemented in Lua.


Listener for enqueing API requests for authenticating and reporting. Uses workers to perform backend tasks asynchronously, and a scheduler to enqueue re-trying failed requests.


A rails application to APIs and developer accounts through API and GUI. Provides a content management system with Liquid tooling to create a custom developer portal.

The 3scale community is open source.

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Red Hat’s product development cycle has always been rooted in open source and the communities that help to steer Red Hat’s products’ direction. Like Fedora is the upstream project for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the projects listed here are the upstream versions of products that make up the Red Hat 3scale API Management community.

More ways to contribute

Contributing to 3scale

For those who are looking to connect with other 3scale developers and collaborate on your deployments or content, check out the open issues and links for information on how to contribute.

Open issues

Here's a list of the open issues for bug fixes and features.