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Red Hat IDE Extensions for OpenShift

Red Hat offers extensions for VS Code, IntelliJ that allow developers who work with Red Hat OpenShift to use their preferred development environment without interruption. 

OpenShift Connector

The OpenShift Connector by Red Hat allows a developer to interact with a Red Hat OpenShift cluster or by using a local instance of OpenShift such as minishift or Red Hat OpenShift Local. Leveraging the OpenShift Application Explorer view, you can improve the end-to-end experience of developing applications.

The extension provides a quick, simple way for any developer to work their “inner loop” process, of coding, building, and testing, directly using VS Code or IntelliJ - no CLI required.

Mohit Suman wrote this article when the extension launched. It has a video demonstration of how to use the extension for development. 

Source code available on GitHub.


OpenShift Extension Packs

The OpenShift Extension Pack contains useful extensions for working with OpenShift and Kubernetes, including the Project Initializer extension for starting up new projects on OpenShift. If you’re focused on Java™ development on OpenShift, you should look at the OpenShift Extension Pack for Java™, which is a convenient package of Java™ tooling development for deployment on Red Hat OpenShift.

Install Extension Pack

Install Java™ Extension Pack