Runtimes and APIs for building and running .NET applications on Linux and in containers.

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Set up continuous integration for .NET Core with OpenShift Pipelines

Ever wanted to set up CI for .NET Core in a cloud-native manner and didn’t know where to start? This is the guide you were looking for!
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Using OpenAPI with .NET Core

Learn how to use OpenAPI to describe the APIs provided by an ASP.NET Core service, then use the API description to generate a strongly-typed client.
Graph of a .NET application service's 99% quantile response time

Monitoring .NET Core applications on Kubernetes

Learn how to use Prometheus to monitor a .NET Core application running on Kubernetes, and use PromQL to run queries and generate metrics.
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How to fix .NET Core's 'Unable to obtain lock file access' error on Red Hat OpenShift

Learn how to fix a "It works on my machine" NET Core (C#) "Unable to obtain lock file access" error on Red Hat OpenShift.
Explore C# 8

Some more C# 8

In the final articles of this series, explore C# 8's new static local functions, indices and ranges, and using declarations.
C# 8 nullable reference types

C# 8 nullable reference types

Explore how C# 8 lets us express whether a variable shouldn’t be null, and when it can be null.