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Last month Red Hat Developer hosted DevNation Day: Modern App Dev. This one-day virtual event brought together application developers, DevOps and platform engineers, enterprise architects, and application managers from across the globe.

Attendees participated in hands-on labs and got expert advice from Red Hat practitioners on best practices, technologies, and architectures advancing the state of modern application development on the hybrid cloud with Red Hat OpenShift and Kubernetes. The event featured talks on app modernization, APIs, serverless, security, microservices, internal developer platforms, containers, application architecture, and much more.

The videos from DevNation Day: Modern App Dev are now available for you to watch online anytime. Read on to explore some of the highlights, or jump right over to the playlist.

Keynote: Becoming the developer's developer

Speaker: Burr Sutter, Director of Developer Experience

In his DevNation Day keynote Becoming the developer's developer, Burr presents challenges and opportunities for teams delivering software to production today. This engaging talk covers a range of topics including platform engineering, DevSecOps, software as a team effort, and the importance of reducing cognitive load for developers and providing the tools they need to build better applications. He also shares resources to help you build an understanding of what it means to build better software within your organization. 

Breaking silo with Ansible

Session: Breaking silo with Ansible
Speaker: Roman Pelisse, Senior Software Engineer

The effective operation of software infrastructure requires rigorous automation, regardless of where it is hosted: on-premise, in the cloud, at the edge, and everything in between. Each step an application takes throughout its software development life cycle on its way from development to production should be managed in an automated fashion. Organizations have traditionally struggled to adopt a holistic automation approach due to the division between development and operations.

In this session, Romain Pelisse demonstrates how Ansible can become the lingua franca to help break the walls between these organizational units and drive real business value.

Quarkus for Spring developers

Session: Quarkus for Spring developers
Speaker: Eric Deandrea, Senior Principal Technical Marketing Manager

In this session, Eric Deandrea discusses concepts and conventions familiar to Spring developers and how they can be implemented in Quarkus, explaining the similarities and differences between them. You'll also explore similarities and differences in how testing is done, with a look at Quarkus Dev Services and continuous testing.

This session is focused on live coding; Eric takes an existing Spring application with a full test suite and builds a Quarkus equivalent version of it live. 

[ Get the e-book: Quarkus for Spring Developers ]

Simplifying the inner and outer loop

Session: Java: Life is short
Speaker: Kevin Dubois, Principal Developer Advocate

How can you speed up your development and spend time on things that are actually interesting instead of waiting for code compilations and deployments, fidgeting with configurations, or spending hours tracking down bugs on production?

In this talk, Developer Advocate Kevin Dubois takes you through the inner and outer development loop and shows you some interesting ways to simplify and accelerate development along the way. He provides examples and explanations to demonstrate an opinionated set of open source projects that can make life as a developer more enjoyable and productive.

A new way to work with containers and Kubernetes

Session: Containers to pods to Kubernetes: Podman Desktop
Speaker: Stévan Le Meur, Principal Product Manager

Kubernetes has skyrocketed to the top as the premier platform for managing containers at scale. But let's face it—working with Kubernetes as a developer can be intimidating, especially if you're just starting their containerization journey. Local development environments tend to lack consistency with target Kubernetes environments, causing challenges in deploying and debugging your applications in production.

So how can you minimize this inconsistency as a developer and smoothly transition your application from your development desktop into production? Podman Desktop is the answer!

This talk from Stévan Le Meur introduces Podman Desktop, a powerful, cross-platform and open source graphical tool that simplifies container development workflows. He explains how this cutting-edge tool can guide you through the journey from application to containers, to pods, and finally to Kubernetes. This is a must-see for anyone looking to streamline their container development process.

[ Learn more: What is Podman Desktop? A developer's introduction ]

Fine-grained API authorization 

Session: Fine-grained API Authorization using 3scale and authorization systems
Speaker: Abdelhamid Soliman, Senior Specialist Solution Architect, Application Services

In this talk, Abdelhamid Soliman explores the importance of fine-grained API authorization and how it can be achieved using Red Hat 3scale API Management and authorization systems such as Keycloak and Open Policy Agent (OPA). This talk covers the various types of authorization mechanisms and their benefits, as well as the challenges of implementing fine-grained authorization.

Serverless computing: Benefits and drawbacks

Session: Serverless computing: Explore the benefits and drawbacks of serverless computing and how to build serverless applications
Speakers: Steve Tran, Principal Consultant, and Jon Keam, Associate Principal Specialist Solution Architect, Application Platform

In this session, Steve Tran and Jon Keam discuss the advantages of serverless, including reduced costs, increased scalability, and faster development times. They explain the limitations of distributed monoliths and how the shift toward cloud and microservice architecture has highlighted these drawbacks. 

Explore the benefits of using Quarkus to modernize legacy workloads, including streamlining development, enhancing performance, and lowering operational costs. This talk also provides valuable insights and considerations for organizations planning to modernize legacy workloads with Quarkus, ensuring a smooth and successful transition toward a more agile and scalable application infrastructure.

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Last updated: October 18, 2023