Red Hat's migration toolkit for applications helps development teams modernize and migrate their applications to Red Hat OpenShift, offering tools and best practices to accelerate the journey to Kubernetes. Developers can get access to the migration toolkit for applications with an OpenShift subscription.

User experience improvements

Building on the success of the migration toolkit for applications 6.0, the 6.1 release adds more new features to make the user experience better. We've highlighted a few of these enhancements below.

Custom migration targets

Architects can now maintain custom rules in a repository, associate them to custom migration targets and make sure third-party developers use them in a straightforward way. This leads to faster and simpler analysis configuration when dealing with a series of well known custom technologies that are widespread across the whole application portfolio in an organization.

Automated resource tagging

The migration toolkit for applications now leverages the technology stack information that the analysis module is able to collect during an analysis and translates that into tags that get automatically added to an application in the inventory.

Download of HTML and CSV analysis reports

Application analysis now produces downloadable HTML and CSV reports. This option is disabled by default; you can be enable it in the new General menu from the Administration perspective.

Allow architects to review an application without an assessment

The requirement for running an assessment before being able to review an application has been removed. This option is disabled by default and can be enabled in the new General menu from the Administration perspective.

Changes in naming

Some entities and menu entries have been renamed for clarity:

  • The Administrator and Developer perspectives have been renamed to Administration and Migration, respectively.
  • Tag Types are now named Tag Categories.

Disconnected installs

After reviewing the deployment topology for migration toolkit for applications, this release now has full support for disconnected installs in air gapped OpenShift environments using the standard mechanism.

Get started with the migration toolkit for applications

Follow these steps to get started with the migration toolkit for applications and begin with your modernization journey today.

For a quick demo, watch the video of Red Hat Migration Toolkit for Applications 6.0.

Last updated: September 19, 2023