Senior Principal Product Manager - Developer Experience & Strategy

Yashwanth Maheshwaram

Yashwanth is a software engineer turned Product Manager and currently leads Developer Experience for the Runtimes portfolio.

Yashwanth Maheshwaram's contributions

Featured image for Cryostat (was ContainerJFR) topics.

What's new in Red Hat build of Cryostat 2.3

yashwanth-maheshwaram Yashwanth Maheshwaram

Red Hat build of Cryostat 2.3 comes with Cryostat agent, cross-namespace target discovery, and UI enhancements to simplify onboarding.

Deploy a sample app in the sandbox

Deploy React applications to OpenShift

yashwanth-maheshwaram Yashwanth Maheshwaram

Learn how to deploy a basic React application to Red Hat OpenShift and get the benefits of continuous deployment without having to deal with Kubernetes.