Migration Toolkit for Applications

Ease the adoption of Red Hat OpenShift or Red Hat Application Foundations with the Migration Toolkit for Applications. With containerization-readiness, source-code analysis, and project management capabilities this tool can help your organization benefit from faster, safer legacy application modernization.

Assess, prioritize, and modernize your applications at scale to use Red Hat OpenShift


Security and compliance

Get guidance throughout the modernization process

Inform your migration plan with insights across your entire application portfolio. Accelerate execution with recommended changes needed to get your apps running on Red Hat technologies.


Benefit from faster, safer modernization

Identify and remove risks, automate and streamline tasks, and execute the most impactful work first – all to speed up your timeline, cut back on unnecessary costs, and see value from your project sooner.


Avoid a locked-in mindset

Embrace open source technology to access the latest innovations from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) project Konveyor, the upstream project for Red Hat’s  migration toolkit for applications.

Make modernization decisions with speed and confidence

Build a modernization strategy that is likely to succeed

A central management interface gives you a flexible, comprehensive view of your application portfolio, enabling you to evaluate its current state. To help you find high-impact modernization opportunities and build scalable plans, you can create application archetypes – which automatically group applications based on the criteria you define. You can perform bulk assessment and automated analysis to get both high-level and low-level insights that inform your modernization strategy and execution.

Prioritize what to modernize based on insights and risks

Use different assessment capabilities to see your applications’ considerations for successful modernization. You can see these considerations at the portfolio, archetype, or single-application level. You’ll see information like containerization suitability, potential issues, and dependencies. Make these results more actionable by using them to assign priority, display estimated migration effort, and define the most suitable migration strategy for individual applications or an application archetype as defined by you.

Scale modernization execution across teams

From understanding which applications to migrate first to seeing the source code snippets that need to be modified for the target platform, migration teams will be well equipped to know what and how to modernize their applications. You can even build custom transformation paths according to your company’s unique needs and project timelines to help others in your organization overcome similar obstacles. Enforce security by controlling access, permissions, and tool-wide configuration with credentials management and an administrative perspective.

Enable continuous modernization and monitor progress

With the migration waves feature, you can assign timelines to either individual or groups of applications. This allows you to execute the most impactful migration work first, without forgetting the rest of the portfolio. This also makes it easier to update your existing applications with new technologies through smaller modernization initiatives instead of relying only on large-scale adoption projects. You can keep track of migration progress - whether you’re working with internal or external resources - by integrating with Atlassian Jira.

Watch a demo of the migration toolkit for applications

In this demo, you’ll see how this tool’s new assessment, source-code analysis, and project management capabilities further streamline the planning and execution of safe legacy application modernization – enabling organizations to see value from these projects faster.

This tool is included with a Red Hat OpenShift or Red Hat Application Foundation subscription.


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Join the open source community for application modernization

A Cloud Native Computing Foundation project, Konveyor helps modernize applications by providing open source tools to replatform and refactor applications to Kubernetes and cloud-native technologies.