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Red Hat was proud to sponsor this year's NodeConf Remote, Europe’s largest conference covering the Node.js framework. The conference held four packed days of technical talks and workshops from October 18 to 21, 2021. Like last year, this year's conference was presented remotely.

NodeConf Remote 2021 focused on a few key areas:

  • Node.js Core
  • Node.js in real-world applications
  • Node.js community
  • Wild ideas

All of the talks had special moments, but we've picked a few that stood out.

Finding a lost song with Node.js async iterators

The first, which we classify as a wild idea, was Luciano Mammino's presentation on using Node.js async iterators and the API to find an old song that had recently popped back into his head. Spoiler alert: He found it. You can find a video of Luciano's talk, Finding a lost song with Node.js & async iterators, on YouTube.

Managing money with Dinero.js

Another talk that stood out for its real-world application was Falsehoods programmers believe about money, given by Sarah Dayan. She discussed the different challenges that developers face when dealing with money in JavaScript, and how the Dinero.js library can help. You can also find this talk on YouTube.

Node-RAPIDS: Node.js for machine learning

It was interesting to see NVIDIA working to make machine learning more accessible to Node.js developers through Node-RAPIDS. Allan Enemark introduced this framework in his talk, GPU Accelerating Node.js with the Node-RAPIDS Data Science Framework. After watching the talk, one Red Hat team member was inspired to order a Jetson Nano development board and experiment with it.

Node.js AbortController update

It was also great to learn about the progress the Node.js project has made in supporting the new AbortController functionality. You can watch a video of Simon Plenderleith's talk on the topic, Improving your applications with AbortController, on YouTube.

Red Hat demos at NodeConf Remote

As in previous years, our team was lucky enough to demonstrate some of our favorite production-quality tools and solutions:

Developing cloud-native Node.js applications

We were also excited to offer a workshop introducing developers to cloud-native application development with Node.js. We covered key cloud concepts and technologies, including health checks, metrics, Docker, Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Grafana. Red Hat set up a virtual booth where attendees could get a look at our latest workflows for building cloud-based JavaScript solutions on Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.

See all the talks from NodeConf Remote

NodeConf Remote conference has assembled a full playlist of talks on YouTube. You can also visit the following resources to learn more about what Red Hat is up to on the Node.js front:

Last updated: September 20, 2023