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Senior Software Engineer

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Join the Red Hat team at OpenJS World 2022

Node.js and open source developers are gathering at OpenJS World in Austin. Find out what Red Hatters and IBMers will be presenting there.


Node.js community update

Learn about upcoming Node.js releases and explore new features including HTTP fetch(), ECMAScript modules, and more.


Node.js at Red Hat: 2021 year in review

The Red Hat Node.js team looks back on highlights from 2021, including Node.js 16 and 17, serverless functions, Next 10, Nodeshift, and more.


Introduction to the Node.js reference architecture, Part 6: Choosing web frameworks

Express.js is the Node.js reference architecture's web framework of choice—but developers are evaluating Next.js and others for the future.


Optimize Node.js images with the UBI 8 Node.js minimal image

Optimize runtime images with UBI minimal images. Learn how to deploy a Node.js minimal image through a Dockerfile and a Source-to-Image chained build.


Best of NodeConf Remote: The 30-second review

Get the NodeConf Remote 2021 highlights, including the Node-RAPIDS machine learning framework, cloud-native Node.js development on Kubernetes, and more.


What's happening in the Node.js community

Find out what's new in current and upcoming Node.js releases and help guide the future of Node.js by participating in the Node.js Next 10 survey.


Using Node.js? The OpenJS Foundation would like to hear your feedback

The 2021 Node.js User Survey is now open, and aims to learn who is using Node.js, and how. It’s also your opportunity to share feedback with the project.