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Migration Toolkit for Runtimes

The tools, reports, and knowledge that help developers modernize applications to run in the cloud and deploy containers at scale.

The Modern Developer

The Modern Developer

Ahilan Ponnusamy

Developer experience plays a critical role in the digital transformation journey. Discover how an internal developer platform (IDP) helps teams innovate faster.

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Podman in Action (Early access)

Daniel Walsh

This book helps you get started with Podman, a rootless container engine that makes it easy to build, manage, and run secure containers on Linux.

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Red Hat Developer roundup: Best of August 2022

Heiker Medina

Find recent articles on observability, containerizing .NET applications, tips for building security into your Node.js development process, and more.

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Cheat Sheet

Red Hat AMQ Broker Cheat Sheet

Roman Martin Gil

Learn how to install, deploy, administer, and operate a high-performance messaging system based on Red Hat AMQ Broker with this cheat sheet.

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What’s new in OpenShift Local 2.0

Gerard Braad + 1

Podman is coming to OpenShift Local (formerly CodeReady Containers). Get an overview of what else to expect in the next major release.

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Kubernetes Native Microservices with Quarkus and MicroProfile

John Clingan + 1

This book covers how to combine Quarkus, Microservices, Microprofile, Spring, and Kubernetes into an effective and integrated development and deployment stack. Kubernetes Native Microservices are microservices that utilize and integrate with Kubernetes features naturally and efficiently. The result is a productive developer experience that is consistent with the expectations of Kubernetes platform administrators.

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What's new for developers in Java 18

Shaaf, Syed

Java 18 highlights include the new simple web server, a better way to annotate Javadocs, and an option to test application behavior without finalize().

Featured image for automating JBoss Web Server deployments with Ansible.

Build a bootable JAR for cloud-ready microservices

Mauro Vocale

Create bootable JARs for cloud-ready microservices with JBoss and Jakarta EE. These self-contained environments offer efficiency, security, and minimal sizing.

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Integrate Apache ActiveMQ brokers using Camel K

Maz Arslan + 2

Transition from ActiveMQ Classic to ActiveMQ Artemis using Camel K. We show how to integrate the two versions of the message broker using AMQ on OpenShift.

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5 design principles for microservices

Bob Reselman

Discover what a microservices-oriented application is and the five design principles for creating and implementing one effectively.