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Distributed transaction patterns for microservices compared

September 21, 2021

Compare distributed transaction patterns for coordinating dual writes in a microservices architecture, then get tips for choosing the right pattern.

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Quarkus for Spring developers: Getting started

September 20, 2021

This introduction to Quarkus for Spring developers shows how easy it is to get started building applications with the Kubernetes-native Java platform.

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Improve cross-team collaboration with Camel K

September 14, 2021

Use Camel K with KameletBindings to integrate Kafka streams messaging and Kubernetes for automated cross-team interactions via Google docs and email.

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Faster web deployment with Python serverless functions

September 2, 2021

Deploy functions in a snap with Red Hat OpenShift Serverless Functions and Knative. A guide to writing Python-based HTTP functions on Red Hat OpenShift.

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The outbox pattern with Apache Kafka and Debezium

September 1, 2021

You need to be able to replicate data to your microservices, and you need to keep them loosely coupled. Here's how you can do both on Red Hat OpenShift.

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Why should I choose Quarkus over Spring for my microservices?

August 31, 2021

Find out why Spring developers are switching to Quarkus, and how to get started using the Kubernetes-native Java platform for your microservices.


DevNation Summer Camp

August 19, 2021

DevNation Summer Camp