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Announcing image mode for Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Matt Micene

Image mode for Red Hat Enterprise Linux is a new deployment method that takes a container-native approach to deliver the operating system as a bootc container image.

AI Lab

AI Lab Recipes

Sally O'Malley +1

The AI Lab Recipes repository offers recipes for building and running containerized AI and LLM applications to help developers move quickly from prototype to production.

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Create an OpenShift AI environment with Snorkel

Kaitlyn Abdo +1

Learn how to create a Red Hat OpenShift AI environment, then walk through data labeling and information extraction using the Snorkel open source Python library.

podman desktop

Getting started with Podman AI Lab

Stevan Le Meur +1

Integrate generative AI in your applications with Podman AI Lab, an open source extension for working with large language models in a local environment.

openshift containers

How to manage a fleet of heterogeneous OpenShift clusters

Sabbir Hasan +1

Learn how to deploy and manage a fleet of OpenShift clusters spanning multiple versions using Red Hat’s Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP), GitOps operator, and Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management.

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How to use Java container awareness in OpenShift 4

Francisco De Melo Junior

Dive into container awareness for Java application deployments and learn how to use this capability to take advantage of fully containerized deployments.