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Automate Red Hat JBoss Web Server deployments with Ansible

August 30, 2021

Learn why Ansible should be your go-to tool for fully automated JBoss Web Server deployments on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. This tutorial gets you started.


DevNation Summer Camp

August 19, 2021

DevNation Summer Camp

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How to maximize data storage for microservices and Kubernetes, Part 1: An introduction

August 11, 2021

In Part 1 of this series, explore data storage options in Kubernetes, including persistent storage management with Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation.

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Automating rule-based services with Java and Kogito

June 24, 2021

Learn a simpler way to write and apply business activity rules, using rule units in the Drools Rules Language (DRL) and the Kogito engine to automate business rules.

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How to implement employee rostering with Red Hat Business Optimizer

June 9, 2021

Move through a sample use case for employee shift roster scheduling that accounts for multiple planning variables using Red Hat Business Optimizer.


DevNation Day: France

June 22, 2021

DevNation Day: France 22 juin 2021

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DevNation Day: France

May 6, 2021

DevNation Day: France 22 JUIN 2021