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What’s new in Ansible Automation Platform 2.2

May 26, 2022

The latest version of Ansible Automation Platform makes deployments easier with a topology viewer, updated tooling, and more. Read on for the updates.

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Automation tooling with Ansible

April 27, 2022

Ansible Automation Platform content tools are designed to help make building and deploying execution environments a more seamless experience.

2020 Authentication Author Keycloak

Deploy Keycloak single sign-on with Ansible

April 20, 2022

Learn how to use Ansible to automate the installation and setup of Red Hat's single sign-on technology, which is based on Keycloak.

CI/CD for Serverless Openshift Pipelines and ArgoCD Part 1

Automate CI/CD on pull requests with Argo CD ApplicationSets

April 5, 2022

Use Argo CD's ApplicationSets and pull request generator with Tekton and Red Hat OpenShift tools to bring GitOps workflows into your CI/CD processes.

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Deploy Infinispan automatically with Ansible

March 21, 2022

A collection offered by Ansible Galaxy installs Infinispan in the background, making it easy to automatically add that datastore to Java applications.

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Test GitHub projects with GitHub Actions and Testing Farm

March 9, 2022

Use Testing Farm to test GitHub projects in a Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Fedora, or CentOS environment before committing them to dist-git.

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Inspecting containerized Python applications in a cluster

February 24, 2022

Find out how Project Thoth's Amun combines with Red Hat OpenShift and Argo Workflows to orchestrate containerized application inspections in a cluster.