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Our top automation articles for developers in 2023

Colleen Lobner

Welcome back to Red Hat Developer’s Best of 2023 series, as we take a look back at the articles that captured developers’ attention over the past 12 months. Automation and artificial intelligence (AI) were the talk of the town this year, with significant breakthroughs in open source and generative AI. 2023 also saw many advancements in Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform ; new offerings like Ansible Lightspeed and Event-Driven Ansible increase the efficiency of teams writing automation code and let...

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Red Hat Insights with Ansible remediation

Nagesh Rathod

Learn how to connect Red Hat Enterprise Linux with Red Hat Insights, scan for vulnerabilities on your server, and remediate the vulnerabilities with Ansible Playbook.

20 minutes | Intermediate
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Java on OpenShift

Java is the ideal framework for cloud-native applications on OpenShift

SSH into remote machines
Cheat Sheet

SSH into remote machines using Ansible

Deepankar Jain

Learn how to define Ansible inventories to manage and configure remote hosts. This cheat sheet outlines two different approaches.

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Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed

Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform allows developers to set up automation to provision, deploy, and manage compute infrastructure across cloud, virtual, and physical environments.