OpenShift and Kubernetes learning

Kubernetes is a system for managing container-based applications that also empowers developers to utilize new architectures like microservices and serverless. Learn how OpenShift builds on top of Kubernetes to create a powerful workflow that helps you focus on building great software.

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Foundations of OpenShift

2 hours | 8 learning resources

Get hands-on experience creating and deploying applications in OpenShift in a no-cost, 30-day OpenShift cluster.

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Using OpenShift

1.5 hours | 5 learning resources

Immerse yourself in practical aspects of OpenShift such as cluster access, file transfers in containers, database operations, and resource management through interactive, hands-on labs.

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DevOps on OpenShift

45 minutes | 3 learning resources

Accelerate your DevOps journey by experiencing firsthand the power of OpenShift Pipelines with Tekton, OpenShift GitOps with Argo CD, and more CI/CD implementation on OpenShift through interactive, hands-on labs.

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Developing OpenShift applications with Java and Quarkus

2.5 hours | 9 learning resources

Create, test, and deploy Java code to OpenShift in a seamless development workflow using Quarkus, which lets you write data-driven applications using a variety of data sources with just a few lines of code.

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Developing on OpenShift

1.5 hours | 5 learning resources

Learn how to access an OpenShift cluster, manage applications with the odo command-line tool, and then use both image and source-based deployment techniques.

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Container Fundamentals

2 hours 10 minutes | 7 learning resources

Gain a thorough understanding of the moving parts that make up the typical container architecture, including container images, registries, and orchestration.

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Cross site and Cross applications with Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Data Grid

1 hour 5 minutes | 5 learning resources

Learn how to develop applications using Quarkus, .NET Core 7, and Golang that are distributed in two different Red Hat OpenShift clusters and share data with each other through Red Hat Data Grid via cross-site replication.

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How to create a Camel integration and deploy it as a serverless service

1 hours 30 minutes | 4 learning resources

This is a step-by-step guide to creating an Apache Camel integration and deploying it as a Knative serverless service (close to low-code/no-code) using the community edition of the Visual Studio Code (VS Code) extension Karavan.

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Developers and DevOps can quickly build, deploy, run, and manage applications anywhere, securely, and at scale with the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. Built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system and Kubernetes, Red Hat OpenShift is an enterprise-ready application platform with deployment and infrastructure options that support every application and environment.

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