Training for Developers

Interactive OpenShift Courses

Try a variety of coding scenarios, running inside pre-configured OpenShift® instances, accessible from your browser without any downloads or configuration. Use them to experiment, learn OpenShift and see how Red Hat's enterprise Kubernetes can help you solve real-world problems.


Modern Application Development

0 lesson | 0 minutes

Skip the noise that can come with developing apps, and instead focus on building modern apps.


Developing with Spring

3 lessons | 45 minutes

Learn Spring, a popular Java Framework used to organize 3rd-party libraries, bootstrap embeddable runtimes, and build microservices applications.


Istio Service Mesh Workshop

10 lessons | 370 minutes

Install Istio on a Kubernetes cluster and deploy three microservices. Experiment with monitoring, tracing, routing, and fault injection before trying advanced tasks with Egress, Kiali, and mTLS.


Developing on OpenShift

6 lessons | 145 minutes

Learn how to access an OpenShift cluster, manage apps with the odo command-line tool, then try image and source-based deployment techniques.


Developing with Quarkus

4 lessons | 55 minutes

Learn Quarkus, a Kubernetes-native Java stack tailored for GraalVM & OpenJDK HotSpot. Stand up an application with a hello endpoint, then get familiar with Hibernate ORM via Panache, a Quarkus component.