Red Hat CDK Red Hat Container Development Kit

We are pleased to announce the availability of the Red Hat Container Development Kit (CDK) 3.7. CDK 3.7 is based on Minishift v1.27.0, a command-line tool to quickly provision an OpenShift and Kubernetes cluster on your local machine for developing cloud- and container-based applications. The CDK also includes OpenShift Container Platform v3.11.14. You can use the CDK on Windows, macOS, or Linux.

Here's a summary of the new features in CDK 3.7:

New features in CDK 3.7

  • Uses OpenShift v3.11.14 as the default container platform
  • Uses the native system keychain for storing passwords

  • Improvements around timezone handling

  • A VM driver for hyperkit (--vm-driver hyperkit)

  • Use of for handling authorization and connection

  • New system tray icon (technology preview) makes it easier to start/stop minishift and select which profile to run. The icon appears the first time you run minishift:

    The CDK system tray icon 

    In this example there are two profiles, Minishift and Faas-Tutorial-Nodejs. The Faas-Tutorial-Nodejs profile is currently running.

What is the CDK?

The CDK is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux and provides a pre-built container development environment to help you develop container-based applications quickly using preconfigured and local versions of OpenShift (the industry-leading Kubernetes distribution). The containers you build can be easily deployed on any Red Hat container host or platform, including RHEL, Red Hat OpenStack Platform, and OpenShift Container Platform.

Start developing with containers today

Download CDK 3.7 now. See the CDK product page for more information.




Last updated: November 2, 2023