If you are a developer working on integration projects with JBoss Fuse, you'll be happy to hear that the Fuse tooling has recently been reworked to provide a brighter look and feel, a more sensible, approachable automatic layout.

The work is still in progress, but already available in beta. It can be installed into the new JBoss Developer Studio version 9.1.0.GA.

To check out the latest features, please install the latest JBoss Developer Studio (available here). Then follow the steps below (see screenshot for reference) to add JBoss Fuse Tooling 8.0 Beta 2.

  1. Click "Software/Update"
  2. Check "Enable Early Access"
  3. Check "JBoss Fuse Development"
  4. Click "Install/Update (1)"

Installed? Now, let’s see what’s new from a diagram point view!

New layout and Look’n’Feel

There are a few things you should notice right away:

  1. It provides modern colors. Some of them are dynamic depending on the consumer/producer role.
  2. The new default layout is vertical - the horizontal is still available from Preferences - providing more information in a more compact way.
  3. Icons for each component are currently created. It helps to distinguish at first sight which kind of component it is without having to read the scheme of the URI.

An image is worth a thousands words, especially here, so have a look:

Multiple routes support

Previously, the editor was supporting editing a single route per Camel file. It is now possible to develop several Camel routes in the same file with the JBoss Fuse Tooling.

Palette simplification

The Palette has been reworked, too; the component list has been shortened to present the most common components only. You can use a search field to filter on the remaining components that aren't visible by default.

All the other components are still available using the "Generic" tool palette, which opens a dialog where you will be able to search for a specific component and have default filters/presentations:

If you feel strongly that the component list of the palette must be configurable, you can vote on the corresponding feature request.

Validation decorator

The Fuse Validation issues are now displayed on the diagram:

And that's it so far! Stay tuned for more new features to help you be even more productive with JBoss Fuse.

Last updated: November 9, 2023