Aurélien Pupier

Principal Software Engineer

Principal Software Engineer in Fuse Tooling team

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How to clean up the Fedora root folder

Learn how to free up space when you hit the error that you need more space on the filesystem when upgrading Fedora packages or release versions.


How to configure YAML schema to make editing files easier

Discover the benefits of providing a YAML schema and how to make it consumable for all of your users, making it easier to edit YAML files.


New language support features in Apache Camel VS Code extension 0.0.27

Explore the new language support features in Apache Camel VS Code extension 0.0.27 (and other IDEs, such as Eclipse desktop and Eclipse Che).


Add Java language support for Apache Camel K inside Eclipse Che

Add Java language support to Apache Camel K within Eclipse Che with this brief how-to and video demonstration, and discover what's coming next.


Introducing IDE support for Apache Camel K Modeline

Learn how Apache Camel K Modeline's new IDE support lets you create a relatively complex integration project specified in a single standalone file.


Camel K standalone Java file: Now with Java language support

With Tooling for Apache Camel K version 0.11.0, Java language support now comes out of the box for standalone Camel K Java files.


Apache Camel K development inside Eclipse Che: Iteration 1

The Eclipse Che 7.6.0 release provides a new stack for Apache Camel K integration development. We look at how to test the new features on a local instance deployed on minikube.


VS Code Language support for Apache Camel 0.0.20 release

The 0.0.20 release with Camel 3 support features configurable Camel catalog version options, improved diagnostics, additional Camel components, and more.