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The CodeShift hackathon has come to a thrilling conclusion. We are excited to announce and celebrate the brilliant minds behind the winning projects that showcased the capabilities of the Red Hat OpenShift application development platform and Intel’s AI/ML technologies.

About the hackathon

The CodeShift hackathon brought together developers worldwide to demonstrate their skills to create intelligent, cloud-native applications. Red Hat and Intel collaborated on this event to promote innovation and push the boundaries of cloud-native and AI/ML application development.

The hackathon explored cloud-native development with Red Hat's OpenShift application platform which includes Java runtimes (Quarkus, Spring Boot), event-driven architecture with Apache Kafka, integration with Apache Camel, Red Hat single-sign on, APIs, microservices, and more. Developers could also build, deploy, and scale intelligent applications using Red Hat OpenShift Data Science and Intel's AI/ML technologies.

By the numbers

The 48-day hackathon ran from September 26th through November 13th, 2023, with 491 participants from 57 countries. 5 finalists were chosen from the 32 applications submitted to win $70,000 in prize money based on 5 criteria (impact, ease of use, code quality, innovation, and Red Hat/Intel technology integration).

The winners

Runners-up ($5,000 each)

PerTaaS: Revolutionizing performance testing using virtual threads in Java, this project showcased flexibility and efficiency, leveraging Quarkus, Vert.x, and other frameworks.

OpenCityHub: A scalable and cost-efficient Kubernetes-native smart city management system that addresses urbanization challenges with microservices and serverless functions.

3rd place ($10,000)

AutoDocs AI: A seamless solution integrated with developers' workflows, eliminating manual documentation challenges through Red Hat OpenShift, Knative Functions, ChatGPT, and AstraDB.

2nd place ($15,000)

OpenShiftHub: A dynamic marketplace on the OpenShift platform, empowering small vendors through Data Science Hub, Intel OpenVINO models, and various programming languages.

1st place ($35,000)

Vino Pharmacy Shift: Leveraging blockchain and Intel technologies, this project created a secure online pharmacy platform with four AI models for enhanced security and user experience.


The Codeshift hackathon winners were announced during the keynote session of Red Hat’s DevNation Day: Modern App Dev virtual event. Watch the video recording of the keynote and live winner announcements.

Congratulations to all the participants and winners who have contributed to the success of this transformative event! Check out all of the finalists and submissions in the hackathon gallery for inspiration on creating your cloud-native application with Red Hat’s OpenShift application platform.