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DevNation Deep Dives

Welcome to DevNation Deep Dives - One-hour, LIVE events that take a deep dive into the fundamentals of developer technology. Each session comes with live code and commands, and live chat Q&A with verbal responses from the CodeCasters.

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Red Hat joins the Backstage.io community

Serena Chechile Nichols

Red Hat will contribute developer tools and expertise to backstage.io, making it easier for teams to use Kubernetes to build services and applications.

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How to easily generate Helm charts using Dekorate

Jose Carvajal Hilario + 1

Learn how to easily generate Helm charts using Dekorate, how to map properties when installing or updating your charts, and how to use Helm profiles.

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How to configure Helm charts using JKube, part 2

Rohan Kumar

Discover how to customize Helm charts and registries with the advanced configuration of the Eclipse JKube OpenShift Maven Plugin. (This is part 2 of a series.)

Node.js reference architecture

Node.js at Red Hat: 2021 year in review

Michael Dawson + 2

The Red Hat Node.js team looks back on highlights from 2021, including Node.js 16 and 17, serverless functions, Next 10, Nodeshift, and more.

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Ansible and automation: The best of 2021

Red Hat Developer Editorial Team

Find out which articles about Ansible, automation, CI/CD, GitOps, and API management most piqued developers' interest in 2021.

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Working with Helm

This scenario will get you familiar with how to use Argo CD to deploy Helm charts.

10 minutes | Beginner
Build here, go anywhere.

Red Hat Developer roundup: Best of October 2021

Red Hat Developer Editorial Team

Get the rundown of the best articles published by Red Hat Developer in October 2021. Read highlights of the new Red Hat OpenShift developer console and more.

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Deploy a Java application using Helm, Part 2

Daniel Oh

Get a step-by-step guide to using Helm charts for Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform to build a bootable JAR with enterprise capabilities.

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Deploy a Java application using Helm, Part 1

Daniel Oh

Learn a simpler way to deploy a Java application to Red Hat OpenShift using Helm charts, then connect the application to a PostgreSQL database.

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Kubernetes Operators 101, Part 1: Overview and key features

Horea Porutiu, Sanjeev Ghimire & Bobby Woolf Horea Porutiu, Sanjeev Ghimire & Bobby Woolf

Simplify developing container-based apps by using Kubernetes Operators. You can Kubernetes by automating deployment and life-cycle management tasks.