Runtimes and APIs for building and running .NET applications on Linux and in containers.

Applications on RHEL.NET on RHEL

You can download .NET on RHEL with the no-cost Red Hat Enterprise Linux developer subscription.


Code Ready Containers

.NET on OpenShift

For development, you can use the container images on a local instance of OpenShift using CodeReady Containers.

Container images for .NET are available from the Red Hat container registry, including UBI-branded images that don't require a subscription.

Visual Studio


To develop .NET applications on Linux, you can use the free Visual Studio Code IDE with the C# extension or use an editor with OmniSharp integration.

How to install .NET Core on RHEL

A short walkthrough on how to run your .NET commands, enable your repo, and install .NET Core on RHEL in under 5 minutes.