Featured image for benchmarking Shenandoah GC in OpenJDK 17.

Shenandoah in OpenJDK 17: Sub-millisecond GC pauses

September 16, 2021

Get a closer look at how the Shenandoah garbage collector adds concurrent thread-stack processing, and reliable sub-millisecond pauses, in OpenJDK 17.

Featured image for Node.js with Opossum.

Node.js circuit breakers for serverless functions

September 15, 2021

Use Opossum, a Node.js implementation of the circuit breaker pattern, to solve a persistence challenge in Red Hat OpenShift Serverless Functions.

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Improve cross-team collaboration with Camel K

September 14, 2021

Use Camel K with KameletBindings to integrate Kafka streams messaging and Kubernetes for automated cross-team interactions via Google docs and email.

Featured image for Five things to know about Python.

Five things to know before learning Python

September 10, 2021

Whether you're brand new to programming or a seasoned developer, these five tips will help orient you to programming with Python.

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How the JVM uses and allocates memory

September 9, 2021

Explore the JVM options used to control how the JVM uses memory in your Java applications, including monitoring for memory leaks and out-of-memory errors.

Featured image for "Faster web deployment with Python serverless functions."

Create event-based serverless functions with Python

September 9, 2021

Develop a Python-based serverless function that sends an email in response to a CloudEvent, and learn how to run your serverless function in a container.

Featured image for Python topics.

Debugging Python C extensions with GDB

September 8, 2021

You can use C debuggers to debug C extensions in Python 3.9. Learn how to use the improved Python debug build with the GNU Project Debugger (GDB).

Featured image for "Build a Kubernetes Operator in six steps."

Build a Kubernetes Operator in six steps

September 7, 2021

Use Golang, Minikube, and the Kubernetes Operator SDK 1.11+ to create and deploy a Kubernetes Operator on your local system.

Featured image for "Improving CI/CD in Red Hat OpenShift."

Improving CI/CD in Red Hat OpenShift

September 6, 2021

Red Hat OpenShift users shared their CI/CD pain points and ideas for improving Tekton Pipelines and Argo CD. Here's what they had to say.

Featured image for "Faster web deployment with Python serverless functions."

Faster web deployment with Python serverless functions

September 2, 2021

Deploy functions in a snap with Red Hat OpenShift Serverless Functions and Knative. A guide to writing Python-based HTTP functions on Red Hat OpenShift.