No matter where you are in your software development career, from just starting, to re-training, to expert-level but needing a brush-up, the Red Hat Developer program can help with tutorials and learning.

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Interactive Tutorial

Red Hat Container Tools

Get familiar with how to use some other OCI compliant tools such as Podman,...

Interactive Tutorial

Operator SDK with Go

Learn about a new Go-based Operator with the Operator SDK by creating an...

Interactive Tutorial

Using the CLI to Manage Resource Objects

Use the oc command line tool to determine what resource objects have been...

Interactive Tutorial

Manage the etcd Operator

Manage etcd clusters on Kubernetes and automate resize, failover, and upgrade...

Interactive Tutorial

Operator SDK with Helm

Create a CockroachDB Operator from an existing CockroachDB Helm chart,...

Interactive Tutorial

Install the Operator Lifecycle Manager

Install the Operator Lifecycle Manager in an OpenShift environment, access...

Interactive Tutorial

Deploying applications from source code

The goal of this track is to learn how to deploy an application from its...

Interactive Tutorial

Effective data with Hibernate and Panache from Quarkus

Learn about Quarkus and Hibernate ORM with Panache to create supersonic,...

Interactive Tutorial

Getting started with OpenShift for Developers

Use the OpenShift Container Platform to build and deploy applications using...

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