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Start here with the foundations of OpenShift

4 Hours | 8 learning resources | Beginner experience level

Start with the foundations to get hands-on experience creating and deploying application in OpenShift in Red Hat's interactive learning environments. You'll learn ...

  • The basic concepts behind OpenShift
  • How create and deploy applications directly into an OpenShift cluster from source as well Linux containers
  • How to work with the Live Coding. Live Coding to compile and deploy the changes immediately and automatically into OpenShift
  • How to create data driven applications using a variety of OpenShift data technologies

Begin the Foundations of OpenShift learning path

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Developing OpenShift Applications with Java and Quarkus

2 Hours | 9 learning resources | Intermediate experience level

Quarkus is a powerful technology that streamlines Java programming under OpenShift. The Quarkus learning path teaches you...

  • How to create, test and deploy Java code to OpenShift in a seamless development workflow,
  • How to take advantage of Live Coding to test and deploy your applications in real time as you code,
  • How to write fully functional, robust applications running in OpenShift without having to waste time writing a lot of redundant code,
  • How to use Quarkus to write data driven applications using a variety of data sources with just a few lines of code.

Learning path: Developing with Java and Quarkus


Learn more using a Developer Sandbox for Red Hat OpenShift

Deploy a sample app

Learn the fundamentals of application programming under OpenShift in you own cluster. Used your dedicated instance of OpenShift to create programs in today's most popular programming languages. Or, you can used examples provided by Red Hat to learn the basics concepts and techniques you'll use on your road to mastering with OpenShift.

Sandbox activity: Develop a sample app

Build on Kubernetes

The Developer Sandbox makes is so you can start working in your own Kubernetes cluster quickly without have to go through the time-coming effort typically required to get a professional grade Kubernetes evironment up and runing. This is all possible because OpenShift is built on Kubernetes. There's nothing to install. Everything you need in order to understand the essentials as well as the advanced topics of Kubernetes is at your fingertips.

Sandbox activity: Build on Kubernetes