Gunnar Morling, Matthias Wessendorf, Burr Sutter

Serverless stream processing of Debezium data change events with Knative | DevNation Tech Talk

Come and join us for an (almost) no-slides session around the terrific trio of Debezium, Apache Kafka Streams, and Knative Eventing! Leveraging Apache Kafka as the de-facto standard for event-driven data pipelines, these open-source technologies allow you to ingest data changes from relational and NoSQL databases, process and enrich them, and consume them serverless-style. In a live demo, you’ll see how Debezium, Apache Kafka, Quarkus, and Knative are the dream-team for building serverless, cloud-native stream processing pipelines. You will learn: How to stream change events out of your database using Debezium How to use the Quarkus extension for Kafka Streams to build cloud-native stream processing applications, running either on the JVM or GraalVM How to consume and distribute Kafka messages with Knative Eventing, allowing you to manage modern serverless workloads on Kubernetes.