David Sancho Ruiz, Edson Yanaga
December 3, 2020

Serverless, Tekton, and Argo CD: How to craft modern CI/CD workflows | DevNation Tech Talk

In this talk, we will showcase the potential of combining Tekton and ArgoCD for building a CI/CD workflow leveraging the capabilities of a serverless application. Tekton, a Kubernetes native framework, will be in charge of the Continuous Integration while ArgoCD will add the Continuous Delivery using a GitOps approach. During the session, we will briefly describe all the steps, tools, and frameworks involved in this CI/CD workflow. and finally make a live demo that will deploy a Serverless application based on Quarkus. The content of the session is based on a two-part article "Building modern CI/CD workflows for Serverless applications with Red Hat OpenShift Pipelines and Argo CD" recently published at https://developers.redhat.com/blog.