Gunnar Morling, Burr Sutter

How I built a serverless blog search with Java, Quarkus, and AWS Lambda | DevNation Tech Talk

A Serverless app? With Java?! Absolutely! Join us for this session where we’ll discuss when Serverless is a great fit (and when it isn’t) and why you don’t need to leave the Java platform when going Serverless. Based on the real-world example of a Serverless blog search, you’ll learn how Quarkus and GraalVM help you with building apps for AWS Lambda, which are blazing fast to start up and are memory-efficient at the same time. In a live demo we’ll explore: - Which options Quarkus provides for creating AWS Lambda apps, making noticeable cold-start delays a thing of the past - What it takes to enable existing libraries like Apache Lucene to be used in GraalVM native binaries - How to build Serverless apps which are portable across platforms, avoiding lock-in to specific providers Bring your questions, too, and let’s exchange how Quarkus can help you to build Serverless apps!