Clement Escoffier,Edson Yanaga
April 22, 2020

Reactive Quarkus–A Java Mutiny | DevNation Tech Talk

How much confusion has been caused by the word “reactive”? Are we talking about reactive systems? Reactive programming? Reactive streams? How many headaches have been caused by non-seasoned reactive developers trying to read reactive code? Let's make some sense out of this. In this talk, we introduce Mutiny, a new reactive programming library. After several years of observation of developers using reactive APIs, we have designed a new library that is more event-driven, navigable, and avoids the common pitfalls of reactive programming. This talk explores the reason behind Mutiny and how it simplifies the development of reactive applications. We also explain how Mutiny is integrated into Quarkus to build supersonic, subatomic, and reactive applications.