Eclipse Foundation

The Eclipse Cloud Development (ECD) project group started at the Eclipse Foundation in 2016 with Eclipse Che and Orion open source coding tools. Each year since has seen greater interest and new projects added, including Theia, CodeWind, Dirigible, Sprotty, and now Che4z. As the ECD has grown to become a center of open source cloud-native development tooling, user and vendor interest has also increased; users of Eclipse Cloud Development projects now number well over 500k, and several other vendors have joined Red Hat to push tooling forward in this critical market. This has been fantastic, as it has driven more contributions and collaboration from the community.

Despite this success, there was something missing: coordination and collaboration on a broader strategy for cloud-development tooling. To address this, Red Hat and several other member organizations at the Eclipse Foundation have come together to create a vendor-neutral collaborative working group to drive the evolution and broad adoption of standards and compelling new projects for cloud development tools.

On September 12th, 2019, participating members of the newly formed Eclipse Cloud Development Working Group (ECD WG) met for the first time to discuss the activities they plan to engage in going forward in order to drive the evolution and broad adoption of open source cloud-native developer tools, including language support, remote debugging tools, IDE and DevOps toolchain extensions, plugin marketplaces, and a richer definition of what a cloud-native developer workspace should be.

To learn more about the ECD WG, stay informed, or get involved, start by joining the ECD Tools mailing list. You can also view the ECD WG Charter and ECD WG Participation Agreement (WPGA), or email with questions.

Last updated: July 1, 2020