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We're extremely pleased to announce additions and updates to our suite of Red Hat Developers desktop tooling products, including Container Development Kit 3.4, JBoss Developer Studio 11.3, and our DevSuite 2.3 installer. These updates are a continuation of our efforts to increase developer usability, while adding new features that matter most for users of Red Hat platforms and technologies.

New features in this release

This release has the following updated tools:


Container Development Kit (CDK)

New features:

  • OpenShift Container Platform v3.9.14
  • Image caching is enabled by-default now for OpenShift container images.
  • HyperV users can assign a static IP to CDK
  • Users can force hypervisors (except KVM) to reuse the same IP address which was assigned during first CDK start. (Technical preview)
  • Hostfolder mount using SSHFS (Technical preview)
  • Other notable changes - CDK now uses overlay as the default storage driver instead of devicemapper.


Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio 11.3 has been updated to support: Eclipse Oxygen.3.a,  the CDK 3.4 Server Adapter, and login provider. This release supports developing apps in Java 10.

Additionally, Red Hat DevStudio Central Plugins have been updated to include:

  • Central p2 Repository 11.3.0
  • Subclipse 4.2.3
  • SonarLint for Eclipse 3.3.0
  • Red Hat AMT Plugin for Eclipse 4.0.0
  • AngularJS for Web Tools 3.8.100
  • JBoss Business Process and Rules Tools 7.5.0


Red Hat Developer Suite 2.3 has been updated to include:

  • Red Hat Products updated: (updated versions)
    • CDK  3.4
    • DevStudio 11.3.0
    • Fuse Tooling 10.3.0
    • Kompose  1.11.0 Technology Preview
  • New Components available for installation (new features)
    • Guided Development 1.0.0 Technology Preview
      • Fuse, CDK/OpenShift, Java, Eclipse
  • UI Improvements (new features):
    • Installer Final Page UI update



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Last updated: November 9, 2023