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The next online DevNation Live Tech Talk will be Thursday, April 5th at 12pm EDT. The topic is "Test Smarter and Gain Some Time Back" presented by Alex Soto Bueno.

Tests running again? Normally that would mean time for a coffee break.
Testing can be a huge drain on developer time and continuous integration resources. But more importantly, testing can slow down development and deployment velocity, resulting in slower time to market and greater lead times.

Join this session for a smart solution to this problem. We’ll show you how a new Java™ tool can drastically reduce your test execution time, letting you stay in the zone and increasing your personal productivity and velocity.

Caveat: You may have to find a different excuse to get coffee.

Register now and join the live presentation at 12pm EDT, Thursday, April 5th. 

Session Agenda

In this session you’ll learn:

  • A smart solution that can drastically reduce test execution time, so you can code more, and wait less.
  • About a new Java™ tool that can drastically reduce your test execution time.
  • How this new tool can speed up your development and deployment productivity.

About the speaker

Alex Soto Bueno, Software Engineer, Red Hat
Alex Bueno is a Red Hat software engineer in the Developers group. He is passionate about the Java world, software automation, and he believes in the open-source software model. Alex is the creator of the NoSQLUnit project, member of the JSR374 (Java API for JSON Processing) Expert Group, the co-author of “Testing Java Microservices” (a Manning Publications book), and contributor of several open-source projects such as Arquillian ecosystem and Asciidoctor. He is an international speaker presenting at software conferences like Devoxx, JavaOne, JavaZone, and JavaLand.

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Don’t forget to register now and join the live presentation at 12pm EDT, Thursday, April 5th.

Last updated: April 3, 2018