10 steps cloud happiness

No matter how many steps there are, it's always a journey and this story is no exception. It seems like a long trek, but in just 10 steps, you can find your cloud happiness.

There are always ups and downs in any journey as you traverse the path you've chosen. This is no truer for a walk to the top of a ridgeline as much as for your digital journey into the cloud.

As an application developer, or as an operations specialist, you have to wonder how to get from zero to that plateau of cloud happiness.

Let's take a closer look at an easy 10-step program to get you up and running your own application delivery platform in the cloud. This journey focuses on the storyline where digital transformation and the need to deliver applications in the cloud are central.

Gather round as we traverse the 10 steps to AppDev in the Cloud happiness
Gather round as we traverse the 10 steps toAppDev in the Cloud happiness!
Gather round as we traverse the 10 steps to AppDev in the Cloud happiness!">

This focus on application delivery has many moving parts. These topics like containers, cloud, platform as a service (PaaS) and digital journeys might leave you searching for a plan to get started. There's nothing like getting hands-on and quickly leveraging that experience in your own projects.

The first thing you'll need is a cloud and not just some service online that you don't really get your hands-on. This cloud needs to run on-premise so you'll leverage it as a test platform for your application delivery. You'll need that right on your very own laptop and it's the foundation for the rest of your journey to a complete application delivery experience.

This first article will lay out the 10 steps with subsequent articles presenting each step in detail. You'll be able to follow along as your happiness grows with each following article.

Rest of the 10 steps

If you are looking for the 10 steps in this series, click on the links below. If not yet available as a link, then be sure to check back for updates:

  1. Get a Cloud
  2. Use a Service Catalog
  3. Adding Cloud Operations
  4. Centralize Business Logic
  5. Real Process Improvement
  6. Human Aspect
  7. Retail Web Shop
  8. Online Travel Bookings
  9. Financial Services Examples
  10. Agile Cloud Service Integration

Stay tuned as we tackle these steps one-by-one. After this journey, you'll have achieved application delivery in the cloud happiness.

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Last updated: November 15, 2018