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I had the pleasure to present "Eclipse Vert.x for Dj fun and for profit!" at the latest edition of the Jug Summer Camp in La Rochelle, France.

The Jug Summer Camp is a popular developer conference organized by Serli in western France, gathering regional attendees as well as speakers and participants from other French Java user groups.

My talk was an introduction to reactive programming with Eclipse Vert.x, featuring demos with RxJava-based edge services as well a collaborative DJ mix session. The great thing about Vert.x is that it scales well for all kinds of distributed applications.

The DJ mix demo (called Boiler Vroom) allowed attendees to connect to a "real-time" web application where they could see live the DJ actions, have the control on some of the elements (filters, sequencer patterns...) and listen to the stream. There was also a WiFi-connected RaspberryPi to provide a volume meter:

Vert.x shined here on several fronts:

  1. Building a scalable HTTP backend.
  2. Streaming large chunks of data to several clients, and coping with back-pressure.
  3. Providing a consistent event-based programming model for both the backend and the frontend, thanks to the SockJS event bus bridge for JavaScript applications.
  4. Performing protocol adaptation between web clients and a MIDI-driven music software.

Here are the slides:

If you understand French, here is the video of the talk:

Many thanks to the organizers and attendees for this great event.

Download the Eclipse Vert.x cheat sheet, this cheat sheet provides step by step details to let you create your apps the way you want to.

Last updated: October 16, 2017