In a couple of weeks (October 24-26), EclipseCon Europe is going to take place in Ludwigsburg, near Stuttgart, in Germany.

EclipseCon Europe 2017

This is a great event that many of us like to attend.

Red Hat Developers at EclipseCon last year">

Indeed, it's an opportunity for Red Hat developers to share our work in very deep technical details with other experts from other organizations, to show how some previous ideas have become valuable realizations. Given the high technical level at EclipseCon Europe, we're not only presenting there to show what we've done and gather new users for our projects, but also -and mostly- to take advantage of the great feedback provided by the very skilled members of the Eclipse Community who typically attend this conference and to use this feedback as a lever to push innovation forward, one or many steps at a time.

Another very cool thing about EclipseCon Europe, if you never attended, is that Eclipse ecosystem is way wider than the sole Eclipse IDE. It's a very lively ecosystem, in which Red Hat likes to be involved and where many of our favorite technologies (Eclipse Platform and IDE, Eclipse Che, Eclipse Vert.x, Eclipse Kura, Eclipse Kapua...) are growing. And there are technologies for everything! Tools, Cloud, Reactive Applications, IoT, Science, Location, Modeling... EclipseCon Europe is also a place where we meet we people and were new ideas are born thanks to serious chats you can have with many developers from diverse backgrounds and expertises.

EclipseCon Europe is a good place to be!

This year, Red Hat is going to be even more present as this conference. First and foremost Red Hat is a Premium Sponsor of EclipseCon Europe. There will be a booth where you'll be able to see a lot of demos of the very cool things we're working on, and where you'll easily find the Red Hat developers who attend this conference.

A Red Hat Developers Conference Booth
A Red Hat Developers Conference Booth
A Red Hat Developers conference booth">

Then, Red Hat is going to present several sessions about a good diversity of topics in the conference:

If you're not planning to attend EclipseCon Europe, I hope this post will help to make you change your mind; there's still time to register.
If you're joining us at EclipseCon Europe, please come to see us at the booth or after our talk, or wherever/whenever during the conference for some good chat!

See you there!