Camel / Red Hat Fuse

Red Hat JBoss Fuse is an open source, lightweight and modular integration platform that allows you to connect services and systems across your entire application portfolio. And if you’re familiar with Fuse, you’re probably familiar with the Fuse Tooling that comes with Red Hat JBoss Developer Studio.

In previous versions, the Graphical Camel debug version was available only when launching the Camel Routes in a Local Camel Context. It was "bien mais pas top" - good but not perfect - because it wasn't possible to debug the Camel routes graphically in the deployment environment architecture. With Fuse Tooling 9.2.0, Graphical Camel route debugging is now available as soon as you can connect to JMX Camel endpoints. Classical RMI connection can be used but also Jolokia connections. It means that you can debug Camel routes deployed on classical servers such as JBoss Fuse, JBoss EAP and also when deployed in the cloud using Fuse Integration Services (FIS).

Let's see the easiest way to access Camel Graphical debugging on a server:

Let's see the easiest way to access Camel Graphical debugging for FIS projects:

This is still a rough cut with some limitations (only single route well displayed, manual JMX connection configuration required when no port is defined for OpenShift server) but it worth taking a look. More work is planned for future release to improve the usability of this functionality. Stay tuned!

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Last updated: November 9, 2023