The Developer’s Conference (TDC) is one of the largest development conferences in Brazil, and encompasses a whole set of developers from a myriad of different communities. From Java to .NET and Python, chances are that you will find your favorite technology in Florianópolis from May 11 to May 14, 2016.

We couldn’t miss the chance to meet the awesome Brazilian community with all its energy and joy (and the beautiful island of Santa Catarina). Wherever there are motivated developers, Red Hat will be there too to empower these super skilled people.

Red Hat presence at TDC will be huge, and we’ll be presenting many different sessions in different tracks:

  • On the Java EE track, George Gastaldi will show how Wildfly Swarm can be a very powerful tool to create Microservices using Java EE 7; Edson Yanaga will present some very first steps on how you can migrate your existing Java EE monolith to a Microservices architecture; and Eder Ignatowicz will demonstrate how you can easily create HTML5 apps in a type-safe way using JBoss Errai.
  • On the Cloud Computing track, we’ll have Ricardo Martinelli de Oliveira and Filippe Costa Spolti demoing how the OpenShift platform can enable your datacenter infrastructure using a enterprise-level container PaaS.
  • On the Architecture track, Edson Yanaga will discuss how to develop and deploy cloud-ready applications on a Microservices world.
  • On the DevOps track, Edson Yanaga will present a quick tutorial on how Docker developers can power up their skills with Kubernetes.
  • On the .NET track, Edson Yanaga and Ricardo Martinelli de Oliveira will talk about the Microsoft and Red Hat partnership as well as show some cool demos of .NET running on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL).
  • On the Java track, Edson Yanaga will present how you can develop cloud-enabled apps using Spring Boot and deploy them on OpenShift.

And on top of all of that we’ll also be presenting a keynote on May 13, talking about how the Red Hat Developers program can help developers worldwide to be even more awesome. The keynote will be streamed online, as well as many other Red Hat sessions at TDC. You can check it online at

Last updated: February 6, 2024