The cmocka project finally released version 1.0. cmocka is a unit testing framework for C with support for mock objects.

In software development, unit testing has become a standard part of many projects. They use tools like cmocka to check some of the functionality of the source code. Unit-testing frameworks allow testing of low level functionality and ensure that all software components are working correctly and often prevent regression if you do code changes.

The team forked cmocka  from cmockery 2011 in an effort to cleanup the codebase. The most important feature of the release is a new test runner allowing to group tests from start. With version 1.0 you are able to switch between cmocka standard output, Subunit, Test Anything Protocol and jUnit XML reports. In addition we we have a skip() function and test_realloc() to detect buffer overflows and memory leaks.

More information can be found on the projects website:

Time to test your code!