5 Story mound of snow at MIT called the Alps of MIT 5 story mound of snow at MIT called the Alps of MIT

Another month just went by and it is time to wrap it up with the monthly JBoss news blog post. We've all be busy thinking about how to make developers life much easier and published a number of articles, blogs and examples on how to get the most out of JBoss products and projects. As usual, this post tries to highlight the best of the best and I strongly recommend to follow the JBoss Weekly Editorial for a more timely update on what's happening in the community.

 Quickest Way into the Clouds with JBoss BPM Travel Agency
The JBoss BPM Travel Agency - application developed and designed by Eric Schabell moved to the cloud and will allow you to deploy the complete demo into OpenShift xPaaS platform.

Containers and DevOps are HOT!
Mark's Little (VP of Engineering) expressed his ideas and vision about what should/could be the container-less development. This is an interesting discussion opening the mind about advantages / drawbacks about the flat or bigger Java containers, that you should always take care about the consequences of your decisons and their impact on the project's cost, maintenance if you choose to adopt a flay pr bigger container.

Arun Gupta continued to add more DevOps content to his blog.This is really helpful to get you up to speed with tips and tricks together with Java EE/WildFly and how to do DevOps.

Keneth has a very nice series about API-Management on AWS, APICast, and 3Scale.

Technology and Framework News
Beside all this there were tons of material on individual frameworks. The Hibernate team started a tutorial on freshly brewed OGM (Part 1|Part 2) and number one developer productivity tool Forge finally got a NetBeans integration. Apache Camel got automated documentation and many many more.

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Last updated: March 25, 2021